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  • Jen Johnson began knitting in 2007 while pregnant with her daughter and does most of her knitting for her daughter and son. When she couldn’t find the patterns she wanted, she added designer to her job titles of Navy wife and mother. Jen loves the inspiration she gets from all the beautiful yarns available, as long as she doesn’t get distracted by—ooh, shiny!
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Keeping secrets

“Mum’s the word!”

That was the last line in the note that came with my sample yarn from Three Irish Girls. I’ve been eagerly awaiting this package, because I couldn’t wait to see what colorway(s) Sharon picked out for me.

Would it/they be fall colors? Spring colors? Colors for any season?

Would it/they be dark? Light? Glow in the dark? (Ok, probably not that last.)

Would it/they be playful? Sophisticated? Saturated? Subdued?

Would it/they be variegated? Semi-solid?

Well, the good news is that I have my answer…the bad is that I can’t share it.

And I’m really bad at keeping secrets.

So I’m going to have to come with something that I can talk about soon. With lots of pretty, distracting pictures.