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  • Jen Johnson began knitting in 2007 while pregnant with her daughter and does most of her knitting for her daughter and son. When she couldn’t find the patterns she wanted, she added designer to her job titles of Navy wife and mother. Jen loves the inspiration she gets from all the beautiful yarns available, as long as she doesn’t get distracted by—ooh, shiny!
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My yarn is holding me hostage – send help!

I really should be in bed. It’s 11:20pm (or 2320, as my husband and I usually say; old habits die hard for this Sailor). I haven’t had a good night’s sleep for 2 nights because my daughter’s been sick–between the itchy rash and the high fever, she’s been miserable at night and the best solution has been to “sleep” downstairs with her so at least my husband can get some sleep. Tonight seems like it might be the night she turns the corner; there was some fussiness about an hour after she went to bed, but that was 3 hours ago, and nothing since.

So why am I not in bed? My wise husband has been for over an hour (we didn’t use the best solution last night, so he didn’t get much more sleep than I did) and I’m exhausted too.

Well, it’s the yarn’s fault. I’d like to put out an APB on this:

3IG Glenhaven Cashmerino Pansies

It’s Three Irish Girls Glenhaven CashMerino (the base isn’t available via her website, but is carried by retailers). Does the colorway look familiar? It’s the Pansies from The Yarn Spot I talked about earlier (2nd from the right in the line-up photo). Glenhaven CashMerino is a 80/10/10 merino/cashmere/nylon blend and it is so soft. I love knitting with this yarn–and it’s not easy to give it up to someone else.

But I knew when I bought it that this yarn was for my daughter, and when I brought it home, Lexie enthusiastically seconded the idea (in fact, I had a hard time getting the yarn back from her; I think she intended to sleep with it). I tucked the yarn away with the plan to knit something for her in the future.

Apparently, the future is today. I didn’t intend for it to be, but I’ve been itching to start knitting up one of the other designs I’m working on. It’s also a design from Three Irish Girls, and I wrote it up for Springvale Super Merino Worsted. But the problem is that I haven’t yet received the sample yarn for it, and I don’t have any Springvale on hand that isn’t earmarked for something else. But Glenhaven is also a worsted weight…and it’s earmarked for a sweater for Lexie…and the design is called “Lexie’s Lacy Cardigan” since my little girl was my inspiration.

So, I did some swatching today to determine needle size–I needed to go up a size from what I used with the Springvale–and figured I might as well cast on while I’m waiting for the sample yarn. Along the way, I did a few recalcuations on the number of starting stitches, and I had to do that for all the sizes. I figured that was enough work for one night, as it was late already…but the yarn had other ideas. I swear, it won’t let me out of my chair! I’m tired but it won’t let me stop knitting. HELP!!


One Response

  1. Ohhhh Glenhaven and yarnspot pansy – that equals heaven I am sure!!
    I can’t wait to see Lexie’s Lacey Cardigan 😀

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